Passion and tradition

Over 60 years of unique know-how

Our activity started in 1958 with the production of turned horn goods. Our first products were beads, buttons and window winder knobs for the automotive industry (for the Citroën Traction Avant).
Over the years, our company specialised in the production of buttons. After horn, the workshop adopted new natural materials such as wood and mother-of-pearl, noble and aesthetic materials that suit the products perfectly. In the mid-1960s, production expanded to acetate and acrylic plastics, and in the 1980s to polyester resin.
In order to continually adapt and remain at the forefront of technology, we have developed our processes to move to industrial-scale production, while keeping the characteristics and values that we hold dear.

The company today has latest-generation production equipment for machining, polishing, laser cutting and marking and digital printing. These techniques allow high precision and beautiful finishes. Our activity is organised in three main divisions:
- Fashion: buttons, buckles and accessories for garments and jewellery
- Beauty: stoppers and machined parts for cosmetics and spirits
- Home: curtain rings, candle covers, decorative objects, encapsulation of chips and electronic circuit boards within machined parts
Our strength: 60 years of unique know-how shared by 80 employees.

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