Our values

Customer satisfaction

We believe in a job well done; our DNA includes 100% French spirit and a firm belief in the values embodied by products made in the Jura region. We combine creative and industrial aspects with a simple objective: perpetuating traditional authentic know-how whilst remaining attentive to current market constraints. Because we know that fashion moves quickly and that adapting to new trends is essential, our team is at your disposal to offer you the best of its skills and to manufacture quality products that are creative, elegant and innovative, for a unique result that matches your ambitions. Our raison d'être is simple: to satisfy you by offering you materials that adapt to your needs, with infinite shapes, a real "touch", personalised finishes, assembly methods to suit you in order to create your kind of products, while offering production flexibility.

Respect for people and the environment

At Brochot, we are very concerned about the alarming state of health of our planet. For this reason, we make tangible day-to-day commitments to reduce our environmental impact by using renewable natural materials: bio-resins composed of bio-mass and Galalith. We recycle our finishing water and pursue a policy of reducing electricity consumption and transport.
We strive to be an economic player with real common-sense values attached to people, animals and respect for our environment.

Brochot is first and foremost a group of men and women who are experts in their field and who work together towards defined objectives. Many of our raw materials are natural, so it is essential for us to develop responsible, environmentally friendly production methods.