A strong commitment to the environment

We live in an increasingly fragile environment and our lifestyles leave indelible traces on the sensitive ecosystem formed by our planet. When we heard about the Atka project, we were particularly touched as its values match our own.
In the Inuit languages, “Atka” means “icebreaker” or “guardian of the Spirits”. This name has been chosen by François Bernard, the mountaineer and explorer behind this project, for the superb yacht that navigates around the Arctic.

The objective of the Atka project is to travel around the North Pole region with Canadian and French scientists, but also with committed artists, to measure the impact of man and climate change on the Arctic, the roof of the world.
Atka is above all a unique collaborative project involving explorers, Arctic specialists, world-leading scientists and research institutes, Arctic peoples, schools and the general public.
By supporting the Atka project, we are taking action, at our own scale, to preserve our environment.