Our know-how

Perfect harmony between
creation, craftsmanship and industrial processes

Our business is characterised by know-how and tradition, with its roots in the craftwork industry which is at the very heart of buttons and stoppers.
We adeptly combine tradition and technology, passion and specialised skills. Our production facilities today offer industrial capacity that meets the quantity and quality requirements of our French and international customers.
Through the integration of new technologies and new processes, we can offer you quality products made from innovative materials that respect our environment.

Our products

· Buttons, buckles and other fastening systems for clothing
· Stoppers of all sizes (miniature, giant, bag vaporisers) for perfumery, skin care and spirits
· Fashion jewellery and jewellery parts
· Caps for candles and perfume diffusers
· Curtain rings and packaging hangers for net curtains
· RFID objects with embedded chips and machined cases for electronic circuit boards

Our skills

· Traditional turning
· Numerically controlled turning and milling
· Plastic injection moulding
· Resin transformation (wide choice of decorations and colours)
· Digital four-colour printing with selective white undercoat and final varnish
· Laser cutting of plastics and natural materials
· Tone-on-tone laser marking or with logo, brand, text, serial number, etc.
· Hot stamping
· Traditional polishing and tribological finishing (glossy, matt, satin or just sanded)
· PU coating
· Sealed inclusion of tags and decorative parts (logos, fantasy decoration, etc.)
· Assembly and gluing of assemblies or sub-assemblies

A host of materials with specific touches

· Bioplastics: bio-resin, galalith, bio-composite
· Thermosetting polyester and epoxy resin
· Thermoplastics: PMMA, PP, ABS, PA, POM, PLA, etc.

· Wood
· Mother-of-pearl
· Horn
· Bone
· Corozo
· Coconut

· Aluminium
· Brass
· Copper
· Bronze
· Steel, etc.

Infinite possibilities for machined shapes

Our technical skills combined with the experience of our teams make it possible to produce all shapes, from the simplest to the most complex.
· Appearance dimensions are accurate to ±0.2 mm (±0.1 mm under conditions)
· Functional dimensions are accurate to ±0.1 mm (±0.05 mm under conditions)
· No relief angle
· Edges with fillets of radius 0.2 to 0.5 mm
· Minimum thickness 2.5 mm, except in special cases to be studied

All quantities are possible

· Large runs (1,000,000 parts or more)

· Medium runs (10,000 to 100,000 parts)

· Small runs (1000 to 10,000 parts)

· Very small runs (10 to 100 parts) for large or complex parts

Custom service

With a production organisation to suit your needs for the prototyping, development and industrial production of your products.

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