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Our products catch the eye with delicate and essential details that make the difference in our daily lives. At Brochot, we combine our traditional know-how with state-of-the-art industrial processes.


Perfect harmony between artistic creation, craftsmanship and industrial processes, respecting traditional French know-how.


Designs and materials carefully selected to ensure unrivalled product quality and aesthetics while remaining true to market trends.


A creative studio, a design office, exceptional technology and know-how all combine to produce more than 1000 unique products each year.

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An industrial organisation

A custom production service to suit all your needs.

1. Design office

Our project leaders will design and industrialise your products.

2. Production

Our experienced production teams have the latest equipment at their disposal, and can manufacture your products in compliance with quality and lead time requirements.

3. Quality

Our quality department guarantees the conformity of your products from the beginning to the end of your project.

Products inspired by an inspiring setting
Breathe and create


the essential detail

Originally from the Jura, a region of France known throughout the world for its artisan manufacture of high-quality buttons, Brochot combines traditional know-how and industrial machining essential to adapt to the current needs of the market.


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